Using my creativity to be at the forefront of technology

  • - Written by Randa, Senior Associate in IFS Technology and Innovation at PwC NI

    At PwC, there’s a constant push for innovation and creativity - really reimagining the possible. A value that I hold close to me. The idea to challenge the status quo excites me and we’re able to try new things without the fear of failure. 

    Details are my joy springers. Growing up in a diverse and versatile environment, raised in both Denmark and Qatar, I got the opportunity to travel and visit many different countries and meet people from all around the globe.

    Having this life experience has allowed me to witness many different cultures and traditions, and to fully understand people from different backgrounds.

    This spiked my interest in reading books about different cultures and religions, and I decided I wanted to find a way to tell the stories that I’ve seen, read and experienced by carrying a camera around with me to capture all these special moments. My passion for photography was born.

    Through this hobbie, I discovered that details mean everything to me and that every pixel mattered. Along with being detail oriented, I’ve grown to have an interest in developing immersive media using immersive technologies. I can see this field being beneficial in every possible way, whether that’s through educational or recreational use. 

    I’m a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) developer, who joined the firm in January 2020 as a Senior Associate in the Technology and Innovation team. I work with my team to deliver projects for clients that aid in training and education. We try to push for VR and AR to solve business problems.

    I develop both CGI content and 360 video projects. My skills acquired from my studies such as videography, editing and generally using Adobe creative suite are also part of my role. One of the best parts of my role is collaborating with my team and coming up with the best solutions for our clients. It’s great to be surrounded by a team of intellectual, talented individuals.

    I feel empowered by the “can do” attitude that my team and I have. We communicate efficiently, we embrace change and we go the extra mile to ensure everything is delivered to the highest quality. 

    I joined the firm straight out of university upon completing my masters degree in Multimedia design and 3D technologies. I was ready to embrace the corporate life. I went straight into learning about the technology itself and how it’s constantly changing but at the same time I was also building upon my own skillset to fit into a corporate and professional setting.

    It was definitely a huge push for me, however it’s been a positive challenge. Within my team, I was provided with a lot of training to enhance my skills and knowledge further from the get go.

    In times that I felt stuck or needed counsel, my career coach has been there to provide me with guidance. PwC is a firm that truly cares about their employees and I feel that level of care increases the motivation of their workers, something which I can say I’ve truly felt since joining.

    As a technology team, we work with VR & AR to provide creative yet efficient solutions for our clients. That includes a massive amount of research into how we discover, design, develop, deploy and deliver.

    This field is rapidly growing and evolving and we’re constantly engaging with others in the industry to push for this technology and to understand potential use cases. For our line of service, this means that we’ll always stay ahead in this field and we experience the birth of many new technologies that are constantly being developed.

    Worldwide, VR and AR is growing at a rapid rate and this just means that our line of service will grow concurrently along with the skillset and knowledge that we have as a team. VR and AR have the ability to intertwine along with many other technologies and it will play a part in enhancing the ability for people to build the right skills at the right speed where needed.

    I’m highly driven by the fact that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, this concept has helped me in my work life and my personal life too. I regularly exercise my mind and body in an attempt to push the limits of my own wellbeing to help enhance my creativity. I’m fascinated by the world we live in and the rate at which technology is growing, and it makes my creative side eager to work with my technical side - I’m eager to be part of the next generation of innovators.

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