Meet the Apprentice: Patrick Quinn, Operations Apprentice, Citi Belfast

  • A common belief at Citi Belfast is that everybody – no matter their background – can belong in banking. Offering a range of career pathways to encourage everyone to consider a career at Citi, routes into lifelong careers include apprenticeships, graduates, reactivate your career, and business academies.

    Citi offers the training and support required for career progression and actively champions and empowers team growth and success by creating a culture defined by inclusion. Highlighting the diversity of backgrounds of Citi’s team members, Sync NI speaks with Patrick Quinn, Operations Apprentice at Citi Belfast regarding his career journey to date.

    Tell us about your role

    Since joining Citi I have had two roles in the organisation, both in the commodities team. I began on the settlement side of things which involved communicating directly with clients to come to an agreement about future settlements which were coming up from past trade. This often involved working with our middle office and cash break teams. I enjoyed this role, and it was a great base to get my career started as it helped get me into the professional way of thinking, such as with emails and basic back-office knowledge.

    I have since moved across to the cash break / reconciliation team within commodities. This is the final stage of a trade in which we ensure that all trades have been fully settled, that we have paid the client and the client has paid us. We investigate when things go wrong and work closely with settlement teams and other teams to ensure it can be fixed and the same problem does not happen again.

    What has been your career journey so far?

    Before Citi I worked in retail at Next. I began working here at 16 while I was still in school and had the aspiration to go to university and study engineering. After school, while I successfully completed my first year in mechanical engineering, I began to think this was not the career choice for me. I moved across to study business management and after another successful first year I decided that university as a whole was not for me. I always had a keen interest in finance, so I applied for the Citi Operations Apprenticeship scheme and have never looked back.

    Describe yourself in three words.

    Enthusiastic, determined and willing.

    Who has been your biggest career inspiration and why?

    Myself and my mother and father. Coming from a family of hardworking individuals, I have always aspired to be the next. I have always wanted to create a good life for myself and excel in anything I do, no matter what role it is.

    What is one trait that helps you most in your role?

    Not being afraid to be outside my comfort zone.

    What advice do you have for others thinking of exploring an apprenticeship with Citi?

    It is a great programme to be in and offers plenty of opportunities to excel within Citi. It is not easy and will require you put yourself out there and get outside your comfort zone. You can never stop learning in your role.

    HR, Technology and Financial Services opportunities at Citi are now open for applications. Find out more about Apprenticeships here or for more information on career opportunities in Markets Operations check this video or the Citi Belfast Careers Page.

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