Apex Fintech Solutions believe that cyber security is the key to providing incomparable wealth management

  • We sat down with Jaimin Shah, their Chief Information Security Officer, to learn about the state of cyber security today

    Q. Can you tell us about your role?

    As the Apex CISO, I am responsible for our enterprise security programs with a focus on today’s increasing cyber threats. I also make sure our security initiatives align with our vision of democratizing access to investment opportunities.

    As a cyber security professional, I have a crucial role as the defender, protector and guardian of the digital world — and it’s one I take seriously. I have the pleasure of being a trusted advisor to our leadership, and I have an exciting opportunity to contribute to the growth of our company with innovative solutions.

    Q. Why is cyber security so important?

    Just look at our daily lives. We are becoming more reliant on social media, apps, and the Internet of things. As individuals, we have large digital footprints and they’re growing rapidly. As our digital lives expand, we need to safeguard against threats, which include cyber-attacks, fraud and other malicious activity.

    For companies, protecting their ever-expanding digital footprints is vital. Digital security plays a crucial role in safeguarding the company and its brand reputation. Everyone including companies, governments, and individuals, must work to create a safe digital landscape. For me, it’s a very personal responsibility.

    Q. How do you future-proof cyber security within the fast-paced financial securities industry?

    To future-proof any industry, it’s crucial to take a proactive and holistic approach. Start by emphasizing a culture of cyber security with your people. Educate them and empower them to take an active role in protecting the company’s cyber security. It’s what we do at Apex and by sharing responsibility for security, we’ve created a culture of vigilance.

    Then, create a robust incident response plan. In today’s world, a quick recovery can help companies overcome and repair any damage that may have occurred. This response plan must be well-defined and well-tested so fast action can be taken.

    Third, invest in technology that provides world-class cyber security. An internal security team needs to keep up with new threats and the technology that can help improve their security posture. I recommend joining industry groups and keeping an eye on emerging trends.

    Q. What do you think cyber security will look like in the next 10 years?

    It’s very hard to even predict what is going to happen next year, never mind 10 years! But one thing is certain: technological innovation will continue, and cybercriminals will evolve their strategies.

    As for the next decade, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will play a larger role in cyber security. We’ll have new ways to detect threats, conduct investigations and respond to incidents.

    Another interesting development is quantum computing, which is also emerging as a powerful way to handle immense calculations such as the data processing that we handle at Apex. Shifting to this new paradigm will certainly change the nature of cyber security as we know it today. Of course, cloud computing is still on the rise, requiring new types of encryption and other security measures.

    I would ask all security leaders to prioritize their cyber security efforts especially when it comes to ingraining a culture of security across their enterprises to protect their people, their assets, and customer data.

    Q. What attracted you to Apex? What was exciting?

    Honestly, I was drawn to the company culture. I did a lot of research before my interview and discovered that the Apex core values basically aligned with many of my personal values and beliefs. That was a key deciding factor. Plus, the role offered me a unique opportunity to make a tangible impact on many organizations.

    Since joining Apex, I have been so impressed by the executive leadership and their commitment to their core values every single day. It’s super exciting to contribute to the overall success of this company.

    Q. What advice would you give someone looking to get into cyber security?

    In my opinion, cyber security is a noble, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career path. The opportunities are abundant and you don’t need to invest a lot of time or money to get started. For example, there are a lot of free resources for people who are willing to learn, such as local events and online information. The cyber security world is extremely friendly and supportive — it’s easy to network, ask questions, get insights and find mentors around the world.

    The key to success in this field is a dedication to continuous learning. In this career, you are constantly investigating new technology and challenges. A lot of people are surprised that a technical background is not a requirement. In fact, the more diverse our teams are, the better our work is and better work is extremely rewarding.

    Q. Why would you encourage cyber security pros to join Apex?

    If you want to have an opportunity to put your fingerprint on developing the next iteration of cyber security, Apex is a great place. Our work in financial services is an ever-growing space which demands top-notch cyber security. We have a lot of important data to protect since we power many of the largest brokerages and investment companies — and their customers’ money.

    I invite you to look at the job openings in our Apex Fintech Solutions UK Belfast office. This location is a critical part of our “follow the sun” strategy because it extends the important cyber security coverage we offer to protect the Apex brand and our customers.

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