Gunning for growth as Stuart Gunning joins Analytics Engines as Strategic Account Director

  • Analytics Engines is delighted to announce they are welcoming Stuart Gunning as Strategic Account Director.

    Stuart is a highly experienced senior executive who will join the senior management team at a time of significant growth. In his role as Strategic Account Director, Stuart will work as an integral member of their sales team, driving and delivering commercial goals for their services and IP.

    Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how it led you to joining Analytics Engines?

    Of course! Prior to joining Analytics Engines, I was the Managing Director at iTS Computing (formerly Equiniti ICS) having joined in early 2017. I was originally brought into ICS to direct the sales team and lead the retender of the Land and Property Services Revenue and Benefits contract.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Analytics Engines in the past both as a client and as a partner, and I’ve always been incredibly excited by the work they’ve been doing. When the opportunity to join the team arose, I grabbed it with both arms.

    Q. What initially attracted you to this company and what excites you about joining the team?

    As mentioned, I’d had the opportunity to work with Analytics Engines in the past. The innovative mindset that they brought to those projects consistently amazed me. Not only in terms of technologies but also in terms of how they approach particular problems. I’d never seen anything like it.

    Since arriving in the role, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with some existing customers, and they’ve all had similar experiences. The ability of the Analytics Engines team to go above and beyond the expectations of the client, while remaining rooted in the objectives of a project is apparent.

    Q. What are your goals for your role at the company?

    We’ve just recently launched a secure sandbox version of ChatGPT which I’m eager to showcase to our clients in both the public and private sector. It’s designed for those organisations who are curious about the use of generative AI within their workflows and want to test their own use cases before operationalising. They may not know where to start or may even be precluded from accessing generic ChatGPT models by security or governance concerns.

    We are also just about to launch our AI Enabled Search and Discovery platform and having seen some of its capabilities I am very excited about the opportunities that this new product will enable for us and the problems it will solve for our customers.”

    The potential value to business, government and the wider society is immeasurable. My focus will be on scoping and developing the opportunities that come from this new platform.

    Q. What do you hope to contribute to the company and what skills or experiences do you bring to the table?

    Data analytics and AI are becoming a critical part of how modern businesses operate. There is a clear and growing demand for the innovative work that Analytics Engines are doing. I’m confident that I bring with me the skills, resources, and experience that will help drive the company through its next phase of growth. I’m very excited to be part of that!

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