Podcast with Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex Fintech Solutions

  • Heather Bodie from the PayPod podcast sat down with Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex Fintech Solutions, to talk about the process of enabling clients to scale to meet the relentless pace of Fintech, while focusing on increasing access, creating efficiencies, and making a positive impact on millions of people around the globe. The financial services industry has historically adopted new technology at a much slower rate, but change is on the horizon.

    Payments and Fintech Insights in this episode:

    ● The global impact of increasing access to investment products and services for individuals in lower income brackets.

    ● How technology functions as the great equalizer to eliminate friction in a highly regulated space.

    ● The role of cryptocurrencies in the long-term investment landscape.

    ● Where the embedded finance opportunity lies in investing in being a “feature” versus a business.

    ● And so much more!

    Listen to the full podcast on Spotify or Apple music

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