A tech career right at your doorstep

  • PwC’s Student Recruitment Manager, Laura Hagan, shares her advice on pursuing a tech career in Northern Ireland.

    Q. There has never been a better time to have a career in technology. What are the main benefits of working in IT?

    The world of technology is ever-changing and fast-paced and those who join the sector have the opportunity to develop new skills as well as being innovative and creative. It’s a really interesting area to work in and you’ll find yourself working to solve important problems and create bespoke solutions. There is a huge range of opportunities within the field of technology, which means that there are plenty of chances for progression in the sector.

    Q. What are the different pathways available for early careers in PwC?

    There are currently a whole host of pathways available to those interested in starting their career with us in 2023. These include school and college leaver programmes, flying start degree programmes, summer internships, undergraduate work placements and graduate programmes.

    We also offer a variety of programmes including our Virtual Insight Week, Virtual Park Spotlight On events and our Open Office Evening events, to provide individuals with a full understanding of who we are and what we offer.

    Q. What are the key skills required for a successful career in PwC?

    Here at PwC, we look for individuals who align with the firm’s values. As part of our student recruitment process, we don’t ask for CVs and cover letters - instead, you’ll be asked to complete a range of online assessments. Our ‘PwC Professional’ framework is also a really useful tool for applicants - it outlines the capabilities needed by our people to flourish, learn and develop together as leaders at every level.

    Within the PwC Professional leadership development framework, there are five attributes: whole leadership, business acumen, technical and digital, global and inclusive and relationships.

    Q. What sort of programs does PwC provide for continued personal development?

    At PwC, all of our new joiners are assigned a career coach and a buddy when they first join the business. These individuals will be there to provide support in their career goals and personal development journey through mentoring, regular catch-ups and quarterly goal setting. Our people are also given access to Vantage, our online career development platform with an extensive catalogue of training. We actively support our joiners’ continuous learning and development and a number of those roles will also have professional qualifications attached to them.

    Q. What advice would you give to teachers and parents of young people who are considering a career in the technology sector within Northern Ireland?

    The technology sector in Northern Ireland is very broad, so our first piece of advice would be to do your research and explore which area of technology interests you the most and how you want to apply that interest. There are different career pathways into technology, so think carefully about what suits your career aspirations - is this going to university; completing a degree apprenticeship or applying for a graduate tech role after you’ve completed your degree?

    We’d also advise you to embrace all the opportunities available, so you can continually develop your passion and knowledge. This could be through attending talks with employers, getting involved in hackathons, listening to podcasts or attending technology-specific events.

    As well as working to develop your technical skills, soft skills such as the ability to present clearly and concisely, work well within a team and show leadership skills are essential in many tech roles too. In fact, technologists with a blend of soft skills and technical skills will be some of the most successful.

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