Securing our Digital Future: How The UK Data Centre Industry Can Build For What’s Next

Data centre construction has gathered pace over the last year, driven by soaring consumer demand for data and hyperscale CSPs driving demand for new capacity. Britain has an ambition to be a global leader in the data centre industry, and contractors of all sizes are equipping themselves to meet the coming demand.

Despite the evident interest, data centre projects bring their own unique challenges. Building a data centre means contending with compressed timelines, ever-more sophisticated customer requirements, and complex stakeholder dynamics. It’s no surprise then, that owners and operators are turning to technology to deal with some of these challenges.

Join Procore and a panel of data centre industry leaders for Securing our Digital Future, a wide ranging discussion on how data centre construction can continue to evolve, and the role technology can play in connecting project collaborators with the supply chain and driving project efficiency.

Learn from industry leaders about:

  • What are the key trends driving UK and EMEA data centre construction?
  • How does the increased demand for capacity impact the construction of facilities?
  • What does that mean for owners, operators and contractors?
  • How are the roles of owners, operators and main contractors changing as a result?
  • How can contractors set themselves up for success?
  • How can UK construction build on its strengths to ensure that the UK capitalizes on its current position as a market leader?

Speakers for this event include:

Brandon Oliveri-O’Connor, Director of EMEA, Procore

Emma Fryer, Associate Director of Data Centres, Tech UK

More Speakers, TBC Soon

Registration and further information can be found here.