Lessons learnt building a custom analytics solution for my website

Newry Digital are delighted to have Pablo Brasero join us to chat about: My personal adventure creating a custom analytics solution for my website, with Javascript and "serverless" hosted services (~25mins)

There will be plenty of time during our session for Q&A

And of course learn more about our mission at Newry Digital

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Who should attend?
Whether your a seasoned software craftsman or just starting out your journey in software...this gathering is targeted for everyone.

These nights are about building a software community in Newry. Knowledge sharing, building connections and having the craic is the entire point of the night.

Geeks, software professionals, academics, innovators, students, startups wannabes, product owners, investors and folks just curious in learning more about the craft of working with software are welcome. The more diverse the group the better!

So sign up, come along and ask to speak with your hosts Joe or Jonny to look after you! I promised you will leave the event a little bit smarter and inspired.

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