KBUG Jan 2021 - With Ekaterina Petrova, Katie Levy and Shelby Cohen

We are excited to announce the first Belfast Kotlin User Group meetup of 2021 with three excellent talks on Multiplatform Mobile, Functional Coding and Arrow. Naturally this will be a virtual event, so please join us online and bring queries for the Q&A.


Ekaterina Petrova - It's time for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile!

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) is an SDK for cross-platform mobile development. It makes the end-to-end experience of building mobile cross-platform apps efficient and enjoyable. In this talk, I will firstly go through a typical mobile application development process and show how we can use KMM features to share code between platforms.

After that, to give you a wider perspective, we will talk about the different obstacles that you might meet on your KMM journey and what you can do to overcome them right now. Finally I'll give you an overview of the experiences of a variety of teams who already use KMM in their production apps. You can start applying their KMM best practices into your applications right away.


Katie Levy & Shelby Cohen - Kotlin and FP: The Best of both Worlds

Functional Programming is an excellent way to simplify your code and reduce bugs. To make things even better, Kotlin provides a natural transition to using Functional Programming paradigms.

In this talk, we'll break down the key aspects of what defines Functional Programming and the key benefits of using Functional Programming paradigms. Then we'll walk you through how to use FP more in your Kotlin code, to really have the best of both worlds.

We'll dip our toes into some basic examples, then dive into the deep-end with some more complex data structures from Arrow, a Functional Programming library for Kotlin. When you walk away from this talk, you will be able to incorporate the tangible examples you have learned into your own Kotlin code!


Katie Levy is a Software Engineer at Amazon Fashion in New York City, working primarily on backend development. Previously, she worked at Intuit in San Diego, developing backend services and Android applications for TurboTax. She is an advocate for Kotlin and Functional Programming, as well as closing the gender gap in the tech world. You can find her on Twitter @klevy110, LinkedIn at, or at

Shelby Cohen is a Software Engineer at Twitter in Boston. She is working on the search infrastructure team focusing on backend development on large distributed systems. She has fierce dedication always to be learning and improving her skills as an engineer and employee. Prior to Twitter, she was a Senior Software Engineer at Intuit, working on native mobile applications and back-end services in Kotlin and Java. You can find here on Twitter @shelbyc0hen

Ekaterina Petrova has been in IT for ten years and can't part with the mobile industry, starting as an iOS developer back in the days of the iPhone 3GS. She has been a CTO, an engineering manager and is currently a developer advocate for Kotlin. Outside of work she is the co-host of a popular Russian IT Podcast. She is very much in love with Kotlin and strongly believes in the future of cross-platform mobile development. You can find her on Twitter at @KathrinPetrova

Registeration details can be found here.