Introduction to IoT in Tourism (hosted by Ards & North Down Borough Council)

This event is the second in a series of four events designed to make organisations in different sectors aware of the potential for IoT to solve problems and create opportunities. No previous experience in IoT is assumed on the part of those from the sector focussed upon.

The overall format of each event will be the same:
- Introduction to IoT (sensors and actuators, LPWAN gateways, processing)
- Breakout session with organisations from the sector discussing their business issues
- Identification of IoT solutions for sector issues
- Selection of the most promising solutions for further support

The most promising solution from each session will receive some support for implementation and and overall winner will be selected from the four sessions for a prize.

These events are sponsored by Ards and North Down Borough Council as part of the development of their Digital Strategy.

Full details about this online event can be found here.