BelTech 2021

BelTech – the tech event which has driven and enabled an explosion of activity in the local tech community - will be back for its eighth outing in June, curated once more by Kainos and hosted by Aisling Events.

BelTech 2021 will take place virtually from June 10-11 and will continue to lead the way in gathering, informing and inspiring Northern Ireland’s technology practitioners of today and of the future.

Giving technology and business leaders from Northern Ireland a forum to meet and exchange views with peers locally and globally, BelTech also celebrates achievement in NI tech, whilst engaging and inspiring the next generation of professionals.

The specialist themes of BelTech which have - through its progression - gone way beyond the original scope of Software Engineering, have previously extended to areas such as AI, IoT, Immersive Tech and Cyber Security.

That extension will again be furthered by our enthusiastic curators from Allstate NI, Liberty IT and Big Motive whose two track model will keep Software Engineering at the event’s core whilst also honing in on other emerging technologies.

These curators combine their deep knowledge of technology and its applications, and their network of global contacts, to assemble world class sessions, featuring the best of local and international talent.

Software Engineering Track – Thursday June 10th

The themes for the Software Engineering Track are:

• Hyper Automation: “What can’t be automated”

• Internet of Behaviours: “The future of personalization”

• 5G: “Everything is on the table”

• Distributed Cloud: “Practitioner of Cloud”

Digital Product Delivery Track – Friday June 11th

The themes for the Digital Product Delivery Track are:

Multi-disciplinary Teams – Creating amazing product teams

Talks on this track will discuss why multi-disciplinary teams are needed, the dynamics of multi-disciplinary teams, the importance of recognising the value of contributors with different perspectives, challenges and tips on building the teams and getting them ‘storming’, what does success look like?

Accelerating Product Delivery – Delivering value efficiently

Talks on this track will discuss the path to convert an idea into a MVP, understanding customer needs, prioritisation of feature delivery, tools/techniques of efficient Product delivery

Registration and further information can be found here.