5G Infrastructure & The Built Environment

This event is focused on the introduction of 5G into the UK, the development activity it will unlock and the impact it will have on the built environment.

It is estimated that the development of 5G will be worth £158bn to the UK economy over the next decade. As well as enhancing user experience, the roll-out of 5G will have implications across the built environment.

It presents a wealth of opportunities – through more efficient use of VR and AR and the expansion of the Internet of Things etc, but also brings challenges due to factors such as its shorter range and reduced ability to travel through obstacles.

This event will gather some of the public and private sector organisations who are at the vanguard of rolling out 5G technology, and reaping its benefits in real world situations. They will discuss the challenges they are overcoming, the opportunities the technology brings and the ways in which you and your company can utilise 5G technology.

Speakers for this event include:

Colin Wood, Programme Manager – 5G Dorset, Dorset Council

Rachael McCormack, Executive Director, Midlands Engine

More Speakers, TBC Soon

Registration and further information can be found here.