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Entry year / start

Autumn 2024


4 years (Full time)

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Closing Date

2024-08-31 23:00:00


Data Science with Year of Professional Experience

  • The aim of the programme is to offer a deep and up-to-date education in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence that prepares graduates with key knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for employment in data engineering, data analysis, data architect (as well as managerial positions on those topics), or as preparation for further research and innovation careers.

    In particular the programme aims to provide students with:

    Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning, which will remain applicable through changes in technology.

    Advanced knowledge and practical skills in the theory and practice of data analytics.

    The necessary skills, tools and techniques needed to embark on careers as data scientist, or professional developers skilled in data science.

    Skills in a range of practices, processes, tools and methods applicable to data science in commercial and research contexts.

    Timely exposure to, and practical experience in, a range of current technologies and emerging trends at the forefront of data science, such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Trustworthy AI.

    Opportunities for the development of practical skills in a commercial context.

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