Ubloquity and b4b Group sign deals to be Fujitsu’s smart border partner

  • Pictured: Mark Fraser (l), Sales Director of b4b Group and Kieran Kelly (r), CTO of ubloquity have been awarded consortium partnership agreements with Fujitsu UK & Ireland. Their bespoke technologies will underpin Fujitsu’s smart border solution, Atamai Freight. Craigavon-based Manfreight which is leading transformation across the logistics sector is also an integral consortium member. Pictured with the smart seal which is at the heart of the innovative digital solution are Manfreight’s Sales Manager, Irene Campbell and James Duke (2nd r), Digital Lead. 

    Banbridge-based ubloquity and b4b Group in Belfast, today (6 July) jointly announced exclusive consortium partnership agreements with Fujitsu UK & Ireland, to underpin its smart border solution – Atamai Freight – with their technologies.

    Atamai Freight enables goods to move seamlessly and securely by verifying the integrity of road freight throughout its entire journey. By unifying and mapping all elements of the supply chain on a single digital platform, Atamai ensures the most complex customs procedures are  completed automatically – saving time and money – and providing customers with accurate arrival times for their goods.

    Central to the success of Atamai Freight is ubloquity’s enterprise blockchain technology and b4b Group’s ‘smart seal’ solution.  As a leading IT and telecoms provider b4b Group will also deliver sales and after-sales support.

    Supply chain pioneer, Entopy, which is based in Cambridge is the third consortium partner behind the roll out of the innovative smart border service.

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    Signing the 3-year contract with Fujitsu coincides with ubloquity’s first anniversary, during which time it has quadrupled in size, built a provenance chain of custody platform for a multinational food manufacturer and won several prestigious awards for innovation and technology.

    Ubloquity was established in July 2021 following a successful round of seed funding where it secured more than £2m from early investors. It is currently in the process of seeking Series A investment to accelerate its growth both domestically and internationally.

    Rob Chester, ubloquity’s CEO said: “I’m absolutely delighted we are partnering with Fujitsu to underpin its smart borders solution. Our vision at ubloquity is to provide the foundational technology to enable the seamless movement of goods across all international borders.”

    He added: “The future of global trade will be digital, and it will be carried on distributed ledger technology. That’s why we are focused on building federated blockchains that can carry the truth between multiple actors in an interconnected supply chain. Be that government agencies, logistics providers, or the producers of goods.”

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    The deal is also a significant coup for b4b Group, as confirmed by Mark Fraser, Sales Director:“As hauliers and suppliers seek to deliver goods to their customers on time, they are faced with a complicated logistics process. Harnessing the transformative power of digital technology however, through the Atamai Freight platform, we can cut through those complications, facilitating safe, and secure passage for shipments saving both time and money.”

    Fujitsu’s Atamai Freight platform officially launched in the UK at the end of June, following successful trials of the service with logistics providers and food manufacturers across GB and NI.

    Christian Benson, VP, Client Managing Director at Fujitsu UK & Ireland said: “With the help of our consortium partners, we are establishing a new level of collaboration and trust throughout the UK supply chain making it easier to move goods. Atamai utilises Smartlocks, GPS and Blockchain to secure and assure the content of road freight between GB and NI. It provides real-time visibility of each journey and consignment, which can then be shared with participating businesses and government authorities.”

    Source: Written from press release 

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