Blue Zinc launches portal to shift healthcare and rehabilitation journey for patients online

  • Blue Zinc, which provides software to the well-being and rehabilitation industry, has created a portal that for the first time gives patients the same secure, digital journey that they can experience through shopping or banking online, bringing access to healthcare into people’s digital lives.

    The new client portal, which sits within the Caseflow platform that is used by large healthcare providers, allows patients to manage triage and appointments via their PC, tablet or smartphone, day or night. It provides a non-stop secure, digital journey from injury straight through to their appointment with a clinician without having to pick up the phone to a call centre or speak to a receptionist at a clinic.

    The system uniquely stores within it all the plan or insurance information related to the individual and is able to access the appointment books of convenient local clinics. It can also link up with a digital triage system, which asks the patient a series of questions to determine more clearly the problem, meaning patients are quickly and accurately signposted to the appropriate treatment and clinic.

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    Many individuals through their work or insurance policies have packages that allow them to access rehabilitation and well-being assistance with clinicians such as physiotherapists and counsellors. By creating a wholly digital journey, this reduces administration, emails and phone calls and eliminates many of the laborious and repetitive tasks of case management staff, allowing them to focus on higher value activities.

    While some health providers offer a partial digital experience, the portal is the first time the entire rehabilitation journey can be managed online and is the end result of years of development and close cooperation with major healthcare companies across the UK. 

    As a procedure heavy industry with many interlinking companies, where data protection and client confidentiality are essential, the technology is a significant achievement and creates a new benchmark for how patients will expect to receive treatment. The portal is being trialled by both a major health services firm and one of the UK’s leading insurers.

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    Commenting on the announcement Blue Zinc co-chief executive Kyle Lunn said: “The question for us has always been “how is it possible to do your shopping online, your banking online, book your holiday online or even pay your taxes online, and yet you cannot organise for a physio appointment online?” The client portal is a breakthrough for both patients and for all the companies involved in the care pathway, making it more convenient and easy to manage the healthcare and rehabilitation journey.”

    Mr. Lunn added: “This pathway has been available across so many sectors for so long that people now expect the same ease-of-use and access on their own terms in all aspects of their lives. We’re delighted to be part of a trend of giving people the time and freedom to organise their treatment and rehabilitation as and when they need it.”

    Source: Written from press release.

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