New white paper reveals technology could help households use 19% less energy

  • UK company Utilita Energy has revealed that technology could help reduce the use of household energy by 19% and unveiled a new smartphone app feature to measure energy efficiency.

    Utilita Energy, a UK company created to help households use less energy, has submitted a white paper to the Government this week. The white paper addresses the importance of energy suppliers helping domestic customers to cut waste.

    Addressing Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Minister for Energy, Clean Growth and Climate Change, the white paper questions why the Government has overlooked the importance of cutting energy waste which the company believes is the first step in energy sustainability. The company says this is underpinned by new evidence revealing that households can and will use up to 19% less energy, if they are given the technology to do so.

    The company has created a new, free-to-access smart-meter-enabled smartphone app feature that measures each customers’ energy efficiency and offers tips and advice on how to use and waste less energy around the home.

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    The data is presented as simple star ratings on the supplier’s app My Utilita and shows users how efficient their home’s energy usage is and where immediate savings can be made. 

    Smart Score condenses thousands of data points collected via each property’s smart meter.

    The one to five star ratings are split by electricity and gas. The four categories for electricity are overall daily usage, overnight usage, items left on standby and power-hungry appliances. 

    The four categories for gas are overnight usage, warming up the home, duration gas is on and value for money.  

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    Utilita Energy CEO and environmentalist, Bill Bullen, says: “Our data has confirmed that right now, as much as one fifth of the energy supplied to UK homes is being wasted, so we made it our mission to put an end to that. Smart Score makes this possible.”

    Ian Burgess,Utilita’s award-winning Chief Technology Officer, commentd on his role in bringing the technology innovation to the market: “A large part of my role as Utilita’s CTO is to identify ways to use available data to help households waste less and pay less.”

    Mr Burgess also added: “Apart from some simple questions about the customer’s energy usage and set-up, having access to half-hourly data is key, as this enables our algorithms to identify behaviours and deliver precise intel that enable positive behaviour change from day one.” 

    The My Utilita app with smart score can be downloaded for smartphones on the app store.

    Source: Written from press release.

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