Citizen engagement workshops about artificial intelligence open to the public

  • Citizen engagement workshops about artificial intelligence invite the public to explore the future and how we create it throughout Ireland.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a major part of our daily life. While many people are excited about the promise and potential of AI, others are confused and concerned.

    Many people wonder how it will transform our world and will it be for the better? Will it change how we work and make some jobs obsolete? Is there a danger that it will take over our lives? These are all legitimate questions and Discuss AIinvites members of the public to join with experts from the ADAPT Centre to explore the world of artificial intelligence and how we can create and shape our future.

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    According to Discuss Al the majority of Irish people agree that those who will be directly affected by scientific research should have a say in how it develops, Discuss AI aims to do just that.

    The initiative is designed to engage and involve the citizens of Ireland in a conversation about AI and its impact on all our lives, from the devices we carry and the companies that gather our information, to how individuals can have more control over where our personal data ends up.

    The discussion outcomes will aid researchers in steering the direction of their research, potentially changing the direction of AI in future.

    Discuss AIevents will run in conjunction with Creating our Future, a new Government led initiative launched recently by An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin. Aimed at every section of society, it seeks to engage everyone in conversations in communities across the country, answering questions, and generating ideas for research.

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    Director of the ADAPT Centre and Chair of Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin’s School of Computer Science and Statistics, Professor Vinny Wade, said: “At ADAPT, we are conscious that the choices technologists make as well as the way in which AI is governed will have effects on society and we want to ensure that we have a wide input into the advances in this space.  Discuss AI will give all people, regardless of their knowledge of AI, an opportunity to discuss how it can impact our future.”

    Highlights from the Discuss Alprogramme of public events include: Citizen’s Think-Ins, BIAS Exhibiton and Debunked.

    Discuss AI is a multi-programme initiative run by the SFI ADAPT Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology.

    Source: Written from press release.


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