Nokia 'brick phone' is back with a bang - but still has Snake

  • Do you remember the good ol' Nokia 'brick phone'? Ever miss those days, before social media, when that sturdy phone was simply used for making calls, sending texts and playing Snake? 

    Well, good news for nostagia fans (and those old enough to know what I'm talking about)! The Nokia 6310 has been revived as part of the latest range of mobile phones from the Finnish tech giant that licenses the Nokia phone brand - HMD Global.

    Tech site has even said that at £49.99, the revamped 6310 is “a low cost phone for calling and the occasional text... so you can abandon social media but stay connected."

    The iconic 6310 - which was first released in 2001 - is the latest of a number of classic Nokia phones to be given an update and released as cheaper alternatives to modern smartphones in recent years, including the popular 3310 which was relaunched in 2017.

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    An HMD Global spokesperson said: “The Nokia 6310 is a classic reimagined for today’s connected user. Bringing advanced accessibility, optimised ergonomics, and battery for weeks, it honours everything that Nokia phones stand for. And yes - it still has Snake.

    “With accessibility at its core, the refreshed larger push buttons and ample display make screen time more effortless and enjoyable. The new zoomed-in menus and larger font options improve readability and text messages can be listened to for ease of use.”

    The original Nokia 6310 was launched 20 years ago (c) Nokia

    The new model will come with a 2.8-inch screen, a single rear camera, battery life of up to 20 days and will remain as simplistic as possible, only being able to access 2G internet speeds. 

    "Life-proof” Nokia XR20 and C30 smartphones have also been released alongside the modern version of the 6310.

    The Nokia XR20 has even had its durability tested by 48-year-old World Cup winner, Roberto Carlos, who recreated his gravity defying “banana” free kick from the 1997 Brazil v France match and lined up three Nokia XR20s on a goal post so he could smash them with a ball in a shootout with his famous left foot.

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    “I’ve been asked to recreate my ’97 free kick many times over the last 20 years, but never like this before, so I had to accept the challenge," said the football legend. 

    “Surely a mobile phone couldn’t survive the wrath of a football. I didn’t think the Nokia XR20 could have withstood the power of my kick. I may not be professional anymore, but I know I still pack a punch, so it was an impressive result.”

    The XR20 also survived being hurled across concrete and gravel, and dunked in icy water. 

    Can your iPhone do that? 

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