Jennifer Aniston shares Banbridge artist's work on social media

  • Photo: Hollywood star Jen Aniston with her dog Clyde

    Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is perhaps the biggest A-lister to become a recipient of work from Banbridge artist, Michelle Wilson, who drew a self-portrait of the star’s dog Clyde. 

    Michelle, who is one of Aniston’s 36.3 million Instagram followers, said she decided to draw Clyde the Schnauzer mix after seeing the celebrity post a photo of him wearing a bow tie.

    “I had seen the picture on her Instagram over Christmas and I had all my commissions finished so I decided to draw him, and then I thought, you know what, I'll send it to her,” Michelle told Sync NI.

    She researched how to get in touch with Aniston’s management team, filled the required documents and sent her pooch picture off at the start of February. 

    Soon after she received an email from Aniston thanking her for the drawing, but “wasn’t sure if it was her or if someone was taking the hand”. 

    “But I checked with her management and they said yes it was from her and then she shared it that night on Instagram too,” the Co Down woman confirmed.

    Aniston shared Michelle’s drawing of Clyde onto her own Instagram story, including the link to Michelle’s business page and a caption reading, 'Clyde! He loves this.'

    The FRIENDS fan said her work diary is now booked up until June and she’s gained around 500 new Instagram followers from it. 

    Aniston also said in her email that she might like Michelle to do some more artwork of her other two pets - white pitbull Sophie and new rescue puppy, Lord Chesterfield.

    “I love FRIENDS, it was one of my favourite TV shows… She (Jennifer) seems to be a lovely person,” the former civil servant continued. “She emailed me to say thanks and that she might want her other two (dogs) drawn in the future, so hopefully that email will come through too!”

    The 41-year-old became an artist full-time after taking voluntary redundancy from the civil service five years ago, following multiple operations for a degenerative back condition that sometimes leaves her bedridden.

    “I always liked art and was doing the odd commission at home. It wasn’t a full time job then but whenever the voluntary redundancy came around I took the chance. I just thought I can paint and draw from bed."

    Banbridge artist Michelle Wilson was 'delighted' to receive praise for her work from Jennifer Aniston

    She added that she is definitely happy to have made the switch to full-time artistry. It takes her anywhere from 20 to 100 hours to complete a piece depending on its size and complexity. 

    Clyde’s portrait took her over 20 hours to complete, and is one of her favourite pieces to date, along with a large tiger canvas she created last year. 

    Michelle has also created an illustration of make-up artist and social media star Jamie Genevieve’s pet pooch, Drogba, who asked for an original print to be sent over. 

    You can find out more about Michelle and her work on her Instagram page here

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