Ballyclare mum pioneers quiz marketing business out of pandemic challenges

  • Ballyclare businesswoman, Heather Carr has become the first certified consultant in the UK and Ireland with US marketing platform Interact, which helps businesses generate new sale leads through quizzes.

    Previously, Heather directed arts and employee events through her own company, Ten Minutes More, but with the effects of the pandemic, she needed to find a new income stream.

    The mum-of-three created 'Kill It With Quizzes' from her kitchen table and believes that quizzes are an innovative way to improve marketing for businesses.

    “Quizzes have come a long way from ‘Which Spice Girl Are You?’ They are now a strategic advantage to help businesses generate qualified leads, improve customer acquisition and offer a personalised solution," she said.

    “Losing all my work overnight was tough. I usually run arts events like the Victoria Square Christmas parade and Voice Skills workshops with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

    "But with no events and not being able to go into workplaces I diverted that energy into mastering personality quizzes."

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    Heather spent 20 years creating and delivering arts-based products and services, and also worked as a regional account co-ordinator at advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi in London, along with other marketing roles.

    “Without lockdown I would have never discovered marketing quizzes so in some respects I’m grateful for the time it gave me to work on my new venture," the entrepreneur continued.

    "I’ve already written quizzes for customers in the US, England and even Abu Dhabi - so I’m confident that we can help make it a worldwide success. 

    “I love that I’m able to work on such a wide variety of projects for my clients and I am learning all about their businesses and how to get them even better results all the time."

    Heather is currently building quizzes for clients such as online retailers, mental health coaches and the hospitality sector.

    “I’m confident that I can build a quiz for almost every type of business. They are really fun, you are interacting with your customer plus providing them with a tailored solution at the end – what business couldn’t make the most of that!”

    Source: Written from press release

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