Fibrus and Wayne Denner team up for Safer Internet Day

  • Tech speaker and author Wayne Denner has teamed up with full-fibre broadband provider Fibrus to produce new sessions on how to stay safe online.

    Cyber-security has become one of the most important issues in our everyday lives, as most of us rely on secure computer systems to stay in touch with family, do our work, and keep our money safe. Attackers have been using the pandemic to push some serious scams recently, taking advantage of the fact that many of us are working from home or having money problems.

    Fibrus hosted a fantastic Facebook live session with local cyber-security expert Wayne Denner yesterday to celebrate Safer Internet Day. The day takes place every Februrary and helps to focus the attention of people around the world on current cyber-security risks and scams, with information on how to stay safe online.

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    In the live talk "An Internet we Trust: Top Tips for Healthy & Happy Life Online," Wayne dished out his top tips for the average internet user on how to fact-check information, avoiding misinformation, and how to stay on top of your smartphone usage. He also showed some helpful apps and tools for developing healthier online habits.

    Wayne Denner has been an important speaker and thought leader in Northern Ireland's tech scene, and a frequent contributor to Sync NI on the topic of cyber-security. Last year he examined the emerging potential threat of the Houseparty app, and warned us of the top five cyber-scams to avoid.

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    Terri Johnston, Chief People Officer at Fibrus commented on the workshops: "[...] more and more people will be spending time online for entertainment and to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. While this has quickly become an essential utility, we are also very aware of the dangers associated with overuse of digital platforms. Harmless scrolling can quickly become harmful habits, and soon you may find yourself losing hours, even days, as a result."

    Wayne Denner commented: "Three quarters of adults feel ‘hookedon their smartphones, tablets or other devices’. With fake news, filtered images, problematic online behaviour and cyberbullying rife, it’s not hard to imagine what impact this must have on our mental health, especially for kids and young people. "

    Head over to Wayne Denner's Facebook page to watch the talk.

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