£1.5m SME competition opens for Digital Security by Design (DSbD) technologies

  • The UK Government has launched a new £1.5m competition for projects investigating Digital Security by Design (DSbD) technologies in software engineering.

    A new funding competition has been launched by the UK government with the goal of developing the Digital Security by Design Ecosystem. The competition opens for entries next Monday (November 30th) from UK-registered SMEs, which will be able to apply for a share of up to £1.5m with proposals for small related projects.

    Grants of between £40,000 and £80,000 are available to investigate the requirements for adoption of Digital Security by Design (DSbD) tech in software development, so any small software developer in the UK may qualify. The projects must be less than 6 months long and due to start after April 1st 2021 and finish before September 30th 2021.

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    Projects should focus on the requirements, dependencies, and complexities associated with adopting DSbD technologies such as the Morello platform. It's hoped that these investigations could lead to a implementation of DSbD technologies across the UK software development ecosystem, and help to improve the UK's cybersecurity.

    For more information on the competition and full requirements, head over to https://apply-for-innovation-funding.service.gov.uk/competition/786/overview and follow @DsbDTech on Twitter.

    Source: UK Gov, Twitter

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