App-based recycling trial will pay Whitehead residents for plastic bottles

  • A new pilot scheme being carried out in Whitehead will pay residents for recycling single-use plastics and other items

    People living in Whitehead will be paid 20p per empty soft drink bottle as part of a new trial scheme. Recycling schemes that pay people for returning their used soft drink bottles to the store have been run before, but this trial aims to automate the process with QR codes and a smartphone app.

    Around 67,000 items have been marked with the QR codes during the trial, and those returning them must use a smartphone app to scan both the code and the bin they're returning it to. Each item returned will give the user 20p in a digital wallet, which they can withdraw as cash or donate to a local charity.

    The trial not only automates the return process but also collects useful data on returns. The cost of the payouts during the trial are being paid by the company developing the app, and represents an investment of £12,000 in proving the concept. The trial covers around 2,000 homes and will run until the end of October.

    Source: BBC News

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