Government publishes 5G guide to dispel conspiracy theory myths

  • The UK government has published a new 5G guide to help dispel conspiracy theory myths about the technology.

    The internet has enabled us all to stay in touch and even continue working throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, but social media has also been a serious enabler for conspiracy theorists. While some hoaxes and conspiracy theories are largely harmless, the misinformation over 5G technology has caused millions of pounds worth of damage across the UK.

    The global rollout of the 5G network has been happening across the world this year, providing massive improvements in mobile internet capabilities compared to the 4G data network. New 5G masts have been installed throughout major cities across the UK, with Belfast being one of the first places to get the technology.

    Conspiracy theories started by claiming that the radio wavelengths 5G uses can cause cancer despite overwhelming safety testing showing that this isn't the case. When the coronavirus outbreak hit, people then started to say that it had somehow caused the virus, leading to a wave of attacks against 5G masts and other equipment that people have mistaken for 5G infrastructure.

    Facebook has come under fire for its lack of action on preventing misinformation like this from spreading, and now the UK government is trying to tackle the matter with the publication of a new 5G guide. The new pamphlet "5G Mobile Technology: A Guide" explains how the technology works and presents the safety findings from watchdog Ofcom which tests radiation levels at internet infrastructure.

    Source: Irish News

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