Belfast Met to run webinar on hydrogen power and the road to zero-emission energy

  • A free webinar hosted by Belfast Met and GenComm next week will look at the potential of using wind and hydrogen power together to decarbonise the NI power grid.

    The UK and Ireland have both set ambitious targets for climate action, and decarbonisation of the energy grid is one of the biggest improvements we can make. Northern Ireland has been installing a large number of wind turbines to help provide green energy, but wind turbine output is unpredictable and the supply to the grid needs to be uninterrupted.

    Hydrogen power has the potential to solve this problem, providing quick on-demand power to the grid and a way to store the excess energy generation from wind turbines during high winds. If you're interested in the future of renewable energy and climate control, Belfast Met will be running a webinar about hydrogen power next week on Wednesday July 1st.

    The webinar will see Dr Iain Percy, OBE, discuss ways that zero-emission renewable energy production can become an economic benefit. Iain is an economics graduate, three-time Olympic medallist, and keen environmentalist, and he founded Artemis Technologies in 2017 with the goal of decarbonising the maritime industry to protect the world's oceans.

    Dr Percy will be speaking on how hydrogen power can be the catalyst for economic growth, and Energia's Mark Welsh will discuss the mobility capacity of hydrogen and converting wind to green hydrogen. Paul McCormack from Belfast Met will speak on how hydrogen power can help create energy secure communities, and we'll also hear from other speakers before a brief Q&A panel. 

    To register your interest in the online webinar, head over to the official eventbrite page to grab a free ticket.

    Source: Written based on press release

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