NI Sustainable Business Conference and Expo to focus on climate change next month

  • Businesses leaders from across the island of Ireland will take part in a new Sustainable Business Conference and Expo next month focusing on tackling climate change.

    Ireland has been making good strides in combatting climate change through the introduction of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, but making significant progress toward climate goals will take the co-operation of businesses from across the island. Following the recent declaration of a climate emergency by the Northern Ireland Assembly, the region is due to hold its first Sustainable Business Conference and Expo next month.

    The event will take place at The Titanic Hotel, Belfast on 24th March and aims to help businesses and other organisations take on the challenge of sustainability in their own sectors. It promises tangible solutions for sustainable business practices, with speakers from organisations such as Suki Tea, NOW Group, and Queen's University Belfast. 

    Peter Craven, Director of Blue Sky Video Marketing, commented on the event: "More and more businesses are now thinking about how they can implement real change that meets both their business needs and that of their local community as well as the planet. Those that are choosing to integrate this approach into the fabric of their business models, such as Patagonia, Toms Shoes or Unilever are showcasing leadership, innovation and increased profit through implementing relevant and impactful sustainable practices for a diverse range of reasons, but we don’t need to be huge, multinational businesses to do our part for a better society.”

    Danielle McCormick, Director of McCormick Communications and event Partner commented: "Achieving true sustainability within business requires a focus on three key pillars: economic impact, where your business is guaranteed long-term profitability, social impact that takes into consideration employee welfare, fair trade and community engagement and last but not least, environmental impact where you are equipped to make responsible decisions to reduce any negative impact on the environment."

    Tickets for the event are available now at and a full speaker list can be found at

    Source: Written based on press release

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