Lisburn tech start-up StormHarvester develops smart sewage system

  • A Lisburn-based tech firm has developed a new smart water control system that uses rainfall data to reduce waste water and sewage pollution.

    Sewage and water infrastructure might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of what makes a Smart City, but the development of smarter waste water systems is a key challenge in today's cities. Lisburn-based tech start-up StormHarvester has now developed an innovative control system that uses weather data to make sewers smarter and reduces the mains water volume used by new buildings.

    The company's new Smart Control System will reduce pollution and environmental contamination by decreasing the volume of sewage that overflows from drainage networks into rivers, lakes and the sea. It uses rainfall forecasts to regulate stormwater and wastewater networks, reacting to stormy conditions to prevent overflow.

    The system can also be installed in new buildings, where it can be used to intelligently control mains water supply and reduce the amount of mains water the building uses. It's currently being installed in major developments across the UK. StormWater was supported by Invest NI and was one of the successful companies to emerge from the Propel accelerator programme.

    Brian Moloney, founder of StormHarvester, explained the need for their new system: "Sewage overflow is becoming an increasing issue in urban areas, due to outdated sewerage networks. Our new product takes core principles and expertise in water forecast drainage control and applies this to regulate entire urban sewage networks effectively."

    "Our cloud-based system is designed to make drainage systems ‘smart’, allowing users to proactively take preventive action to decrease flooding and damage. This would not have been possible without Invest NI’s financial support, expert advice and guidance to bring the product to market. The development of this system has allowed us to strengthen our product portfolio and skillset, while also helping to reduce environmental pollution."

    Source: Invest NI

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