An Engaging Contract - Marriage Proposal Recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain

  • When Belfast based software engineer, Erdi Kucuk-Kose decided to ask his girlfriend Tara to marry him, he wanted to get creative and do something a bit special.  Erdi was already a believer in blockchain technology and had some experience in Ethereum smart contract development, so it started to seem like a good idea to make a Distributed App or Dapp ( and record what is one of the most important questions of his life on an immutable ledger! Tara is also a software engineer, so Erdi was confident she would find it quirky and would appreciate it.

    Erdi created an Ethereum wallet and funded it with some ETH.  He took the wallet seed phrase, which is required to restore the wallet and placed it in an envelope, along with a link to a Dapp (see screenshot below).  He then enlisted the help of Tara's Mum to to deliver the envelope. Erdi said "It was such a thrill to see her navigate through the webpages and have no idea what on earth these 12 random words were for."

    After restoring the Ethereum wallet using the seed phrase and Metamask (popular browser based Ethereum wallet), Tara eventually got the page that popped the question as Erdi got down on one knee.

    To his great delight, Tara said yes and once she clicked that button, her response was recorded for eternity on the Ethereum blockchain.  Erdi had created a simple "smart contract" to record the answer to his proposal, which you can review at  Note the event with the binary value of 1 indicating a "yes".

    Now there is a story for the wedding day. Thanks for sharing Erdi and Tara and best of luck for your future together.

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