Chargifi to open new Technology and Business Development Hub in Belfast, creating 41 tech jobs

  • Wireless charging tech firm Chargifi has announced that it's setting up a new Technology and Business Development Hub in Belfast as part of a £3.6 million investment that will create 41 tech jobs.

    London-based tech firm Chargifi has been expanding rapidly into export markets in recent months with its innovative SmartSpot wireless charging system. The SaaS platform connects Chargifi's wireless chargers to the cloud, allowing them to be monitored remotely and integrated into buildings such as offices, airports, and hotels.

    The firm was recently welcomed to Belfast's Ormeau Baths co-working space, and has now announced plans to open a new Technology and Business Development Hub in Belfast as part of a £3.6 million investment. The hub will support the company's expansion plans and help develop its markets in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada as well as growing markets in the Middle East, Africa, and the APAC region.

    The new hub will focus on development of the company's core technology, product certification, quality assurance, and collaborating with Chargifi's technology partners worldwide, and will also house a team dedicated to development a new market strategy to support its ongoing expansion efforts. A total of 41 new tech jobs will be offered as part of the hub, with £328,000 of support offered by Invest NI.

    Chargifi CEO Dan Bladen commented on the firm's offering: "All of the leading smartphones now have wireless charging built in, and demand is ramping for this type of convenient power when away from home. Businesses are deploying Chargifi cloud-connected SmartSpots in venues and workplaces to enhance the user experience, boosting satisfaction and loyalty, all with the peace of mind that the cloud managed service ensures it is always working."

    Invest Northern Ireland CEO Alastair Hamilton added: "Chargifi’s decision to set up its Technology and Business Development Hub in Northern Ireland was influenced by the availability of high quality talent, particularly software engineers, as well as the support offered by Invest NI. The company is a welcomed addition to Northern Ireland’s vibrant ICT sector, which has already attracted over 100 global technology companies."

    Source: Written based on press release

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