Dublin Airport wins a Special Achievement in GIS Award at the Esri User Conference

  • Dublin Airport has received a Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award at this year’s Esri International User Conference in San Diego. Daa was chosen ahead of 300,000 eligible candidates from across the world for its deployment of Esri’s mapping technology across Dublin Airport to enhance the passenger experience and improve day-to-day operations.

    The award recognises how they are using GIS (geographic information systems) technology, to digitally transform how they operate the business. Esri Ireland worked with Daa to replace its manual, paper-based systems with a streamlined system which allows management to easily track the day-to-day running of the airport. The solution will enable the airport to enhance passenger wayfinding, maximise route efficiency and present commercial opportunities while minimising bottlenecks and improving the overall customer experience.

    By introducing mobile, desktop and web-based mapping applications, airport staff can, for instance, remotely report safety issues and collect detailed reports of any incidents as they encounter them in the airport. Collating and analysing this data on the Esri platform, airport management can pinpoint, using heat maps, high risk areas to pre-empt and manage likely future issues.

    The app’s mobile functionality also enables airport employees to report and monitor flight-risk hazards on the 1,7000,000 m2 of airfield, including drone and laser incursions. The technology has also been used to report on incidents involving birds crossing flight paths, over a period of up to five years, to reveal incursions, near misses and migratory patterns, helping to reduce the number of incidents.

    The solution has drastically improved business efficiencies in the airport. Following passenger growth of 52% from 2013 to 2018, Esri’s platform grants the ability to analyse large volumes of data and gain accurate information with which to make better decisions about the future of the airport and ensure sustainable continued growth.

    Commenting on Daa’s award, Esri’s founder and president Jack Dangermond said, “I’m delighted to present Dublin Airport with this award in recognition of its impactful use of geographic information systems. Daa has demonstrated that mapping technology can not only streamline business operations in an airport environment, but also make a real difference to passengers, creating a more seamless and comfortable airport experience.”

    About Esri Ireland

    Esri Ireland specialises in the application of geographic information systems, helping customers record where things happen and analyse why, with the aim of providing insight and helping them to make better decisions. As Esri's official point of presence in Ireland and Northern Ireland it has, since 2002, partnered with both the public and private sector to help them understand the impact of geography on their business. Recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland, Esri Ireland is part of the Esri Global Network, a billion-dollar privately held software company with nearly 10,000 employees worldwide. www.esri-ireland.ie

    About Daa

    Dublin Airport has flights to almost 200 destinations in 43 countries, operated by 53 airlines and is the 11th busiest airport in the European Union. It supports 117,300 jobs in the Irish economy, including 19,200 people employed directly at the airport and its environs. The economic activity underpinned by Dublin Airport in terms of the spin-off benefits through trade, tourism, and jobs, is worth €8.3 billion to the Irish economy annually.

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