You can now switch mobile phone providers by text to avoid sales calls

  • Customers can now switch mobile phone providers by text in order to avoid being pulled into a retention sales call before getting your PAC code.

    Switching your mobile phone provider while keeping your old number is often a long and complicated process, requiring you to phone up your current provider and wait in a queue to get your PAC code and then do the same with your new provider to give them the code.

    This adds a barrier to switching that some people can't get past, particularly those with problems speaking on the phone, and many mobile phone providers will spend your time trying to convince you to stay with them by offering various deals. Industry regulator Ofcom has now released a new switching system that requires providers to allow you to switch via text message.

    The new process for those who wish to switch provider and keep their number is to text "PAC" to 65075 no matter which network you're with. Your existing provider will respond via text message within 1 minute and give you your PAC code, in addition to explaining clearly any early termination charges or pay-as-you-go credit balances you might have.

    You'll still have to call your new provider to give them the PAC code, but now the company you're leaving will no longer have an opportunity to pursuade you to stay. Once your new provider has your PAC code, they must now arrange your switch with your old company and complete it within one working day.

    Those who don't wish to keep their old number and just want to cancel their phone service without being dragged into a retention sale call can also use the new service. Texting "STAC" to 75075 will request a service termination authorisation code instead.

    Source: BBC News

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