Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo reveals new under-screen selfie camera prototype

  • Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has revealed a pioneering new in-screen front-facing camera that doesn't require a notch cut into the screen.

    A front-facing selfie camera is practically a requirement for smartphones today, and they have to go somewhere on the front of the device. Every phone has a small notch cut out of the screen to fit the camera, with each manufacturer putting the notch in a different place and manufacturers competing to minimise its size without sacrificing too much camera power.

    Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo is at Mobile World Congress Shanghai right now, where the firm announced a new in-screen camera technology that could spell the end for those little black camera notches we've all come to expect. We've seen similar technology used for in-screen optical fingerprint scanners, but never a camera you'd be able to take a decent photo with.

    The new technology uses a more translucent screen in combination with new software processing that eliminates glare, haze, and other artifacts caused by light passing through the screen. The specs of the camera itself are expected to be on par with many other selfie cams in the smartphone world, and the removal of the notch will allow for the first ever true edge-to-edge display.


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