Amazon launches managed blockchain service

  • Amazon is betting big on blockchain with the launch of its new managed blockchain cloud service.

    Thousands of tech companies around the world have been clamouring for a slice of the Blockchain pie for the past several years, but a severe lack of skills in the area has made it an expensive R&D bet. You can't go to a tech conference any more without seeing at least one project that has tacked on blockchain in the hopes of raising investment, but there are some real use cases for the technology. 

    The investment required to use blockchain in a digital platform or product has been decreased by several providers offering managed solutions, and now Amazon has entered the game with its new Amazon Managed Blockchain service. This service is a fully managed blockchain system running on a cloud server platform. 

    The blockchain implementation is based on the open source Hyperledger Fabric framework, and it has been confirmed that support for Ethereum is on the way. The blockchain-as-a-service tech is currently only available in production in the US East (North Virginia) Region.

    Amazon AWS evangelist Jeff Barr said: "You can create your network in minutes. Once created, you can easily manage and maintain your blockchain network. You can manage certificates, invite new members, and scale out peer node capacity in order to process transactions more quickly."


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