New UK law set to crack down on IoT device security

  • A proposed new law will encourage manufacturers of IoT devices to increase security following a number of high-profile data breaches and hacks.

    Millions of us in the UK now have one or more internet-connected devices in our homes, and hackers have been targeting them aggressively for years. These devices range from internet TVs and smart speakers to other things that you might not realise are connected to the internet.

    The proposed new law was announced by the UK government's Digital Minister Margot James and will introduce a labelling system to inform customers as to how secure an IoT product is. The scheme will start off as a voluntary process in order to help companies adopt the new labelling practice, but products that don't meet certain minimum safety standards would eventually be banned from sale.

    Under the new scheme, IoT devices would need to meet certain criteria to be given a label. These include ensuring each device comes with a unique password, having a clear security update plan in place, and having a public point of contact for all cyber-security discussions.

    Source: BBC News

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