WWF uses Augmented Reality to immerse viewers in threatened habitats

  • WWF has partnered with Google, Netflix, and others to develop an immersive social augmented reality experience that showcases four threatened natural habitats around the world.

    We often hear about the potential of augmented reality and immersive technology in gaming or how it's transforming product development and design roles, but not a lot about how it can be used to solve social problems. WWF has joined forces with Google, Netflix, PHORIA, and We The Curious to produce a new social augmented reality experience that's aiming for real social change.

    The new REWILD Our Planet experience combines footage from the Netflix Original documentary series Our Planet with Google's ARCore framework to immerse viewers in four stunning natural habitats: The "Forests of Borneo and India," the "Oceans of Asia," the "Grasslands of Mongolia," and the "Frozen worlds of the Arctic."

    The installation combines augmented reality with projections and spatial soundscapes to create an immersive storytelling experience. Groups of participants can interact with the demo using smartphones and work together to build 3D natural landscapes, unlocking more information on global weather patterns and AR animal encounters.

    Mark Wright, Director of Science, WWF-UK said: "Global wildlife populations have declined by 60 percent in the last 40 years due to unsustainable human activity, which impacts the very natural systems that our survival depends on. Bringing the challenges and solutions to life through REWILD Our Planet will help people around the world understand that they have a shared responsibility to act and protect nature."

    The REWILD Our Planet experience is currently taking place in Bristol at the We The Curious science centre from 12 April 2019 to 2 June 2019, but the show has been designed to be highly portable and can potentially be installed anywhere in the world.

    Source: Written based on Press Release

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