Ulster University showcases emerging tech at Imagine Belfast Festival

  • Ulster University is taking part in the Imagine Belfast Festival this week to showcase the latest in emerging technologies from the university's research departments.

    The Imagine Belfast Festival is in full swing this week, with a wide range of events covering everything from politics and social policy to cutting edge research in healthcare and data analytics. Ulster University has organised 7 events throughout the week to showcase its latest research in all of these fields.

    The university ran a series of "future-proofing" talks on March 25th delving into the challenges that will be faced by the world as emerging technologies continue to profliferate. Topics in the talks included driverless cars, virtual and mixed reality, the growing issues surrounding data privacy, and the rapidly rising use of robotics in healthcare.

    The festival ends on March 31st and features over 156 events tackling everything from disruptive tech to racism and LGBT+ rights. With just a few days to go until the end of the festival and still dozens of events to run at venues across Belfast, you can check out the Imagine Festival website to see what events are still to come.

    Ulster University's Futureproof programme is headed up by Kristian Lassett, Professor and Head of the School of Applied Social and Policy Studies. Lassett spoke cautiously at the event about the future challenges out communities will face: "In an ever-changing world, we want to involve communities in learning how the social sciences are keeping up with the latest social, cultural and technological transformations. Join staff and students from Ulster University to learn more about how technology and the social sciences are fusing to tackle some of the biggest challenges confronting the 21st century."

    Source: Written based on press release

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