MedTech firm Emteq develops wearable sensor to combat Parkinsons

  • Medical technology company Emteq has set its sights on Parkinsons disease, and is developing new wearable glasses with sensors to collect better patient data.

    New applications for emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence are being found every day, and nowhere are those innovations more important than in the medical technology field. Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon Charles Nduka saw the potential of applying new technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to improve patient outcomes, and in 2015 he formed the company Emtech to investigate applications of those technologies.

    Emteq has already seen success with the use of virtual reality to help rehabilitate patients with facial paralysis who were often discouraged or disturbed by seeing their reflection when practising facial expressions. Setting up sensors on the patient and rendering their actions in a virtual environment put those patients at ease, and improved rehabilitation outcomes.

    Now Nduka has set his sights on Parkinsons disease, which is often difficult to diagnose and treat as the symptoms are intermittant and doctors can only observe patients for a small fraction of time. Emteq has miniaturised its sensor technology and built a new piece of wearable tech into a pair of glasses that can collect data throughout the day, which can then be used to more accurately diagnose the patient's condition.

    Source: Wired UK

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