Integrity360 partners with and wraps service proposition around Darktrace

  • Integrity360, one of the leading pan-European cyber security specialists, today announced its partnership with Darktrace which will see Integrity360 act as a reseller for Darktrace’s entire portfolio of IT/OT services and initially offer the Darktrace/DETECT and RESPOND/Network™ solutions as part of its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering. Darktrace/DETECT and RESPOND provide threat detection and autonomous response capabilities to address the burgeoning attack surface across the extended perimeter.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Integrity360 will act as a channel partner offering the entirety of the Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform™ - including its AI-powered solutions: PREVENT, DETECT, RESPOND and HEAL, with the DETECT and RESPOND Network services also available as part of Integrity360’s MDR offering. The managed service will see DETECT and RESPOND telemetry data fed into Integrity360’s Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and supplemented with support services. Integrity360 plans to add the Darktrace/OT offering integrated with MDR later in the year, consolidating Integrity360’s reputation as a leading MDR provider.

    Darktrace DETECT is the company’s flagship Network Detection and Response (NDR) offering and gathers data from proprietary hardware, virtual sensors, and endpoint sensors as well as data from other endpoint and infrastructure security solutions. It utilises Darktrace’s unique Self-Learning AI engine and can enhance its analytics by leveraging third party APIs. There are no prerequisites for the NDR solution, such as a SIEM or firewall, which has previously been a barrier to some of those organisations looking to procure the technology. RESPOND is an automated response solution available alongside DETECT that is able to take autonomous action to disrupt an attack.

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    The heart of Darktrace DETECT + RESPOND/Network is Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI, which features multiple types of AI, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, Bayesian probabilistic methods, LLMs and hundreds of behavioural models to learn an organisation in real-time from the inside out. Wherever it is deployed, Darktrace’s AI learns from native and 3rd party sources to understand the unique digital fingerprint of a business which means it can spot when something is out of character. This approach empowers organisations to spot the unknown unknowns.

    Integrity360’s MDR is unique in the market in that it enables customers to select the right combination of XDR, SIEM, EDR and NDR technologies for them, depending upon the size of the organisation, its risk profile and compliance requirements. The Darktrace technologies will be offered across three incrementally advanced managed service tiers:
    • Managed Platform – an entry level offering for those looking for an optimally implemented, monitored, and managed NDR platform with alert forwarding
    • Managed Threat Detection – adds SOAR integration, threat intelligence enrichment, alert triage, incident investigation and notification, and ongoing alert tuning
    • Managed Detection and Response – adds response and containment, proactive threat hunting, and threat intelligence reporting

    Delivery of the Integrity360 Darktrace MDR Services involves a comprehensive assessment of the organisation’s architecture and appliances prior to Darktrace sensors being strategically placed across the network. The sensors continuously collect metadata which is fed into the Darktrace platform where the detection engine uses advanced behavioural modelling techniques powered by ML and AI-driven threat hunting algorithms. All telemetry is then analysed in a SOAR and alerts are passed to the Integrity360 SOC team who have complete visibility of the environment by virtue of the Darktrace Threat Visualizer console and can advise upon incident management and compliance reporting.

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    “Security teams are struggling to monitor increasingly complex environments and adhere to compliance frameworks amid the noise of alerts. NDR can facilitate rapid detection across these networks, giving real-time visibility into attack paths associated with ransomware, supply chain attacks, crypto-mining and insider threats, for instance. At the same time, autonomous response can help arrest the attack. But organisations don’t necessarily know what to do with that telemetry. That’s where MDR comes in, providing that extra service layer over the technology to meet investigative and compliance demands. It’s a value add that turns a useful solution into an indispensable one,” states Brian Martin, Director of Product Management, Integrity360.

    Key markets for DETECT and RESPOND include large enterprise, critical national infrastructure and associated industries, highly regulated sectors subject to strict compliance mandates, and those with high-value or sensitive data sets.

    "We are thrilled to partner with Integrity360, to help strengthen their MDR offering and expand the protection Integrity360 offers,” said Eloina Pesce, VP of Channel, EMEA at Darktrace. “Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI Engine, combined with Integrity360’s deep cybersecurity expertise and support services can provide vital, proactive, defence to customers no matter how complex their environment. We look forward to extending our partnership.”

    Source: Written from press release

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