Businesses invited to unlock the power of AI at 'Innovate and Excel' event

  • Photo: Robert McConnell

    Small and medium-sized enterprises are being encouraged to discover the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) at the "Innovate and Excel" business event on Tuesday 2 July at the Ormeau Labs, Belfast.

    This impactful event is designed to raise AI awareness and ignite new interest in technology, equipping SMEs with practical strategies to harness AI for enhanced business performance.

    "Innovate and Excel," delivered in partnership with IntrinsicAi and Pinnacle Growth Group, is designed for SME leaders eager to explore the competitive advantages AI can bring to their businesses. This session will comprehensively examine AI’s potential to boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase margins. Attendees will learn how to implement AI solutions to automate routine tasks, optimise supply chains, and utilise predictive analytics for smarter decision-making.

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    Jerry Staple, Founder of IntrinsicAi, emphasised the significance of AI for SMEs: "AI is not just a tool for large corporations; it holds incredible potential for SMEs to innovate and excel in today's competitive landscape. This event will showcase how accessible and transformative AI can be for businesses of all sizes. We will explain how to streamline operations and reduce overheads through AI-powered supply chain optimisation and how predictive analytics can enhance decision-making and drive business growth."

    The event addresses the risks and opportunities of AI for all types of SME businesses—large or small and across various sectors. It also provides invaluable insights into funding options, including governmental grants and industry partnerships, to support AI adoption.

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    Robert McConnell, Director at Pinnacle Growth Group, adds: "Understanding the financial aspect of AI adoption is crucial. We aim to provide SMEs with practical knowledge about available funding opportunities and partnerships that can facilitate their AI journey. AI is the future, and we want to ensure local SMEs are getting ahead of this fast-moving technology. This Belfast event is the first in a series that will take place across Northern Ireland."

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    Businesses attending this engaging session can take the first step towards integrating AI into their business strategy. Whether businesses are looking to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, or explore new growth opportunities, "Innovate and Excel" provides the insights and tools you need to stay ahead in the digital economy.

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    The event will take place at 9am until 11am in Ormeau Baths, Belfast. For more information and to register for the event, please

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