Integrity360 expands offering with Armis partnership

  • Integrity360, one of the leading pan-European cyber security specialists, today announces a new partnership with Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity company, to enhance its cyber security offering and expand its customer base across Ireland, the UK, and Continental Europe.

    Armis is a US-headquartered asset intelligence cybersecurity company which secures Fortune 100, 200 and 500 companies, as well as national governments, state, and local entities. A leader in its space, it helps to keep critical infrastructure, economies, and society safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    By providing organisations with complete visibility of their entire digital environment, Armis enables businesses to not just gain visibility into their entire attack surface, their assets and what they comprise of, but also identify and address exposures and anomalies before they can be negatively impacted.

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    This visibility includes all managed and unmanaged devices across IT, Operational Technology (OT), and the Internet of Things (IoT). It also covers medical devices such as X-ray machines, security cameras, temperature sensors, and heating/ventilation controls - many of which can be exploited by a determined adversary to gain initial access or as pivot points towards an ultimate target.

    Together, Integrity360 and Armis are supporting businesses by delivering increased visibility and enhanced threat exposure management with passive sensors which don’t require deployment of agents or impact operational performance or availability.

    Integrity360 will offer managed services to enable organisations to leverage the Armis platform and map their entire attack surface, identify potential cyber security gaps, spot anomalies across their asset inventory, and increase the efficacy of existing security measures.

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    Integrity360 anticipates significant demand among both existing and new customers for this offering due to the increasing number of threats facing the expanding attack surface. In particular, it expects to expand its customer base with heightened uptake across sectors including healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, and utilities, and address key challenges in other verticals such as financial services and retail.

    The announcement of this partnership comes as unpatched vulnerabilities are identified by Integrity360 as the leading exploit typically used for initial access by threat actors in the field. Furthermore, the footprint of non-IT assets continues to rise. The number of IoT devices is expected to grow to close to 30 billion globally by 2030, according to research firm Statista. In addition, Allied Market Research forecasts a 19% annual growth rate in OT investment over the same period, highlighting that the need to secure this area of attack from adversaries is becoming ever more important.

    Brian Martin, Director of Product Management, Integrity360 said: “We live in an increasingly connected world, underpinned by the exponential expansion of the attack surface due to cloud, IoT, OT, Mobile, Identity, and the work-from-anywhere era. This is only set to continue in the years to come, which means the attack surface will be forever expanding. With more devices and more threats, companies need solutions, services, and partners that bolster cyber security and – more importantly – resilience.

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    “Alongside Armis, we believe that full visibility is key and aim to equip businesses with effective threat exposure management solutions and services which not only monitor the environment and prevent attacks but limit their impact in the worst-case scenario. Organisations which fail to take such a holistic approach are leaving themselves and their customers vulnerable.”

    “We are pleased to be able to join forces with Integrity360 across EMEA as a flagship partner for Managed Services,” said Jamie Andrews, Senior Director, Channel, EMEA. “Our partner ecosystem is at the very foundation of Armis and a valuable resource to be able to support and service our customers. The value that this can bring to Armis will not only provide a stronger customer experience but also ensure that the technology is used to its fullest capacity and alleviate the pressure on customers.”

    Source: Written from press release


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