Call for north-west SMEs to attend cyber security breakfast with PSNI, Metacompliance and Evide as guest speakers

  • As part of CyberNI Week, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are invited to a breakfast session focused on navigating cyber security challenges in today's digital-first world.

    Hosted in Invest Northern Ireland’s North West  office, this event aims to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect against cyber threats and ensure a resilient future.

    In an era where digital platforms play an integral role in business operations, SMEs face the risk of substantial losses due to damage or loss of information from IT systems and networks. Recognising the importance of prevention as the cornerstone of a sustainable business model, this event will feature an expert panel discussion on proactive cybersecurity measures.

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    Attendees will have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from industry leaders and cybersecurity experts, including Sam Kinkaid, Detective and Regional Cyber Protect officer at the Police Service of Northern Ireland Cyber Crime Centre. With over 27 years of service, he has extensive experience in cyber-related investigations and is committed to raising awareness of current threats and providing guidance on protection strategies.

    Robert O'Brien, Chief Evangelist and founder of MetaCompliance, will also share his expertise in the Cyber Security and Compliance market. With over 18 years of experience, MetaCompliance provides innovative solutions for staff information security awareness and incident management automation, empowering organisations to mitigate people risks surrounding cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance.

    Additionally, Niall O'Doherty, Project Director at Evide, will offer insights gleaned from navigating a cyber attack ordeal last year. Evide helps charities & nonprofits manage their data and measure their impact, freeing time and resources to do more of what matters – making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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    Des Gartland, North West Regional Manager for Invest NI, said: “Part of our role in supporting economic development is to ensure local small businesses are more resilient. The growth of the digital era means that cyber threats are a growing topic of concern.

    “We are pleased to host this event alongside NI Cyber, with the aim of empowering businesses to proactively protect against cyber threats, and to build a secure future.”

    “Acknowledging the critical role of prevention as the linchpin of a resilient business model, this event will showcase an expert panel discussion devoted to proactive cyber security measures," commented Gillian Colan-O’Leary, NI Cyber. “We’re looking forward to welcoming local organisations to come along to this informative session.”

    There will also be a chance to speak to the experts for high level guidance after the panel session.

    Source: Written from press release

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