Kainos announce funded PhD in partnership with Ulster University

  • Kainos are pleased to announce a new fully funded PhD opportunity in partnership with Ulster University, with the aim to co-create and evaluate an evidence-based and human-centred AI ethics toolkit to assist developers in assuring and assessing the ethical quality of AI products and services.

    This PhD scholarship offers an excellent opportunity for a driven researcher to work with academics and industry leaders, with significant additional budget for travel, training, and equipment.

    Kainos are passionate about ethical, trustworthy and responsible AI, in line with their ethos of delivering change for good. 

    This PhD may focus on 3 application areas (tentative):

    1. ethical human-AI collaboration and decision support (e.g. explanation user interfaces, transparency, explainability, interpretability, traceability etc.),
    2. ethical data science/machine learning practices (e.g. mitigating algorithmic bias, ethical considerations around model selection etc.),
    3. ethical design of specific AI use cases, e.g. chatbots.

    To find out more and apply, click here.

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