UK Emergency Services Day: ESO Belfast enhances emergency services worldwide

  • As National Emergency Services day takes place on September 9, ESO Belfast is transforming healthcare on a global scale. With the role of technology continuing to transform how emergency departments operate, the leading software company is using the power of data to identify key trends that help emergency services such as paramedics and fire fighters, save lives.

    The role of technology, specifically data is connecting providers like ESO to large hospital networks and other healthcare facilities to support the development of new software that can not only support better patient outcomes, but also improve efficiencies and better community health and safety.

    Russell Beggs, Vice President of Engineering and ESO in Belfast said, “This UK Emergency Services Day, we’re recognising the team at our Belfast office who have played a significant role in supporting ESO’s global operation, contributing to the development of innovative software and technologies that enhance emergency medical response worldwide.

    “At ESO, our mission is to improve patient care and provider wellbeing. And through the use data and insights, we can help people when then at they’re most vulnerable and create safer communities for customers across the globe. We’re immensely proud of the talented individuals who make up our team and are dedicated to empowering frontline workers and making a difference every day.”

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    The US software company recently announced the findings of its 2023 Fire Service Index, revealing home fires accounted for 80 per cent of all fire calls across North America, an increase from 42 per cent in 2020. Its 2023 Fire Service Index supports recent data from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) who report a 14 per cent increase in incidents in 2022.

    The Index examines key trends across fire departments nationwide and reveals to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies where fires are taking place and gives them an opportunity to compare the information in their own communities. ESO’s Belfast based engineering centre plays a crucial role in delivering these services largely in the areas of development and design.

    ESO’s ongoing efforts to support local communities and improve patient outcomes across the globe is seen in its recent collaboration with joint Fire and EMS services in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

    Through ESO's streamlined reporting system, patient care records detailing incidents requiring EMS response can be efficiently logged, including accurate data on prior treatments and history, in efforts to work as quickly as possible to save lives.

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    Similarly, fire-related records, including damage assessment, injuries sustained, and time to extinguish, can all be recorded. The data also helps state governments to make informed decisions to better serve their communities.

    The Belfast office has played an integral role in the ESO’s recent growth, with the company now serving as the largest software and data solution provider to first responders and frontline workers. The company is currently responsible for developing software that supports EMS across North America and since 2004, has been creating innovative and user-friendly software that drives change. It arrived in Belfast over three years ago and has grown to now include 116 employees.

    Russell adds, "At ESO, safety and the well-being of the communities we operate in is at the core of everything we do. We believe in the role of data to drive progress and address challenges facing EMS not just in North America, but across the globe. Our Belfast office is aligned with the company's long-term vision, expanding its footprint and product availability across Europe, sparking important conversations on how technology can alleviate burdens on NHS staff, elevate care, and lead to improved patient outcomes.”

    Source: Written from press release 

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