Renewables Firm Everun Driving the Future of ScottishPower Renewables’ Irish Wind Farms

  • Belfast renewables firm Everun is celebrating the announcement they’ve achieved exceptional performance as the latest provider of Service and Maintenance (S&M) services for ScottishPower Renewables’ wind farms across Ireland.

    Since taking over the contract in April 2022 and additional contracts in October 2022, Everun has reported a high level of wind farm availability during operation, demonstrating commitment to ensuring efficient and uninterrupted renewable energy generation. 

    The results represent a continual improvement of the performance on ScottishPower Renewables wind farms across Ireland.  In the wind farm industry availability is the measure of the potential for a wind turbine or wind farm to generate electrical power. What this means is that if a turbine is “available” and there is sufficient connectivity to the grid along with other conditions such as wind speeds then power will be able to be generated.

    As a renowned renewable energy company, ScottishPower Renewables has been actively developing and operating wind farms across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its developments play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy solutions, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

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    Everun's selection as the S&M provider for ScottishPower Renewables' wind farms is a testament to their expertise and dedication to maintaining optimal performance and longevity of renewable energy assets.

    Ian Thomson, Head of Field Operations at ScottishPower Renewables said: “We are really pleased with the Service and Maintenance support Everun has provided so far, with consistent delivery of results. Their high levels of commitment and performance has allowed us to not only minimise any downtime on our wind farms, but to also maximise the energy production and ultimately optimise the operations on our Irish sites.” 

    "We are delighted to have achieved such outstanding availability performance for ScottishPower Renewables' wind farms in Ireland," said Michael Thompson, Managing Director of Everun. 

    "Since assuming the S&M contract in April 2022 we have worked tirelessly to implement proactive maintenance strategies and deploy cutting-edge technologies to optimise wind farm operations.

    “Our goal is to support ScottishPower Renewables in their commitment to delivering clean energy while surpassing industry standards in terms of availability and performance."

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    Through the deployment of advanced monitoring systems and data analytics, Everun has successfully identified potential issues proactively, allowing for timely interventions and minimising any disruptions to energy generation. 

    Ongoing diligent efforts have resulted in improved availability across the applicable wind farms, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of renewable energy to the Irish power grid.

    The partnership has not only driven sustainable energy generation but has also enhanced the economic benefits and job creation opportunities within the renewable energy sector in Ireland.

    As Ireland continues its ambitious journey towards achieving renewable energy targets, the collaboration between Everun and ScottishPower Renewables sets a benchmark for operational excellence and underscores their joint commitment to a sustainable future.

    Source: Written from press release 

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