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  • FD Technologies announces that it is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch kdb Insights as a fully managed cloud-native service on Amazon FinSpace, AWS’s data management and analytics service for the financial services industry.

    The launch of Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights benefits existing KX customers by providing a path to quickly and easily migrate their kdb workloads to the cloud and benefit from the Python-enabled capabilities it provides. It will also be attractive to new customers who will benefit from the performance and cost efficiencies KX is known for within a data management system that is purpose-built for financial analytics and fully managed by AWS.

    All customers will also benefit from an AWS-managed service, which in addition to security and stability provides round-the-clock monitoring and incident management, delivering an accelerated path to meeting compliance requirements.

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    KX and AWS are working together on the go-to-market strategy for the service and customers will require a KX license, with pricing based on usage. In addition to its presence on Amazon FinSpace, kdb Insights is also generally available for use across all industries on the AWS Marketplace.

    Leading global investment banks are evaluating using Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights as the Timehouse foundation for their trading and quantitative research applications. By deploying it on Amazon Finspace, they will accelerate the migration of their KX applications to AWS while also modernizing their computing foundation to provide greater agility and performance, resulting in improved financial operational controls.

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    “With Managed kdb Insights, customers can now set up full-scale kdb applications for market data processing and analytics in just a few clicks,” said Saman Michael Far, VP of Financial Services Technology at AWS. “We see this as a turning point for our capital markets customers, where moving the core of their market data analytics to the cloud will ensure their most critical analytics are available when needed and provide them with a virtually unlimited ability to experiment with their analysis and gain insights."

    KX CEO Ashok Reddy said, "KX is trusted by the world's top banks and hedge funds to manage billions of transactions and trillions of dollars every day. With the launch of Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights, our customers can experience unparalleled levels of performance versus price thanks to the market-leading capabilities of our Data Timehouse technology and the powerhouse that is AWS. This is a further collaboration between KX and a leading cloud hyperscale partner and is expected to support our future growth ambitions."

    Source: Written from press release 

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