AI Tech Start-Up Aims To Replace Software Development With Generative AI


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  • AI tech startup Genysys Engine, an AI research company based in Dromara, Co. Down, are on a mission to remove the barriers between humans and software development using generative AI.

    Generate AI has recently brought the world Bard, Chatgpt3 and DALLE. These models use natural language prompts to generate text and images. Their viral popularity has the tech sector asking what is next.

    Genysys Engine Co-founders Emma McClenaghan and Matthew Eaton began research and development in August 2019 to use AI to generate highly performant, customer-focused websites that position themselves on search engines.

    Emma explained: “We use natural language descriptions and competitor data to generate Web-based components. We are applying this to the niche website development market, but theoretically, this technology can be applied to any digital application.

    Imagine the innovation and opportunity we can create by removing the barriers for any person to create AR, VR or native apps using only natural language descriptions.”

    Genysys Engine applies this technology to its Guided Website Platform to remove the resources and expertise required to create a bespoke website.

    Emma continued: “Our platform is a communication hub between our users and the engine. It uses an easy Q&A format and a health system to aid users in providing their business data for their website.

    Current website methods available to small and micro businesses provide an easy option to create a beautifully designed website. However, the responsibility to make this website performant and customer-focused fall on the user.

    Genysys Engine provides an easy alternative to have a managed website that predicts and recommends optimisations based on the user's goals. The engine is a work in progress; we are at 80% automation and aim to achieve 99.9% automation in the next 9-12 months.”

    Genysys Engine has reduced the time taken to develop and manage a bespoke website & for their team by 96%.

    Source: Written from press release

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