US Investment For Belfast AI Company Sonrai Analytics

  • New York HealthTech venture firm Eckuity has invested in Sonrai Analytics, a Northern Irish innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) data discovery that accelerates biomarker discovery, development and deployment for biotech and pharma organisations. 

    The discovery of new biomarkers has become increasingly difficult in the modern era, where more sensitive detection methods generate outputs in increasingly large volumes. Now spread across many disease areas of focus and by differing analytes, it impedes timely and efficient translation. Research teams in drug trials and other healthcare contexts spend more than 45% of their time transforming information from disconnected data sets.

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    The Sonrai platform applies AI and deep learning to unlock critical information contained in big data to enable biotech and pharma organisations to collaborate, filter and transform datasets in real-time. It provides context and confidence to downstream users of the data, increasing its utility, robustness and, therefore, its value to the organisation. Most importantly, this leads to quicker and more effective treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases with poor clinical outcomes.

    By improving outputs, assays and findings and redirecting vital resources to other areas of the business, Sonrai helps to speed up and strengthen their pipeline, enhance their IP, and get their products to market faster. 

    Dr Darragh McArt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sonrai Analytics said the following on the investment: “We are delighted to have Eckuity join our team as we accelerate opportunities in the US and to provide advice and support as we progress the business.”

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    Dr McArt continued saying: “We have rapidly enhanced our product and services by understanding our customer’s challenges and meeting their expectations. This additional capital further strengthens our commercial aspirations and allows us to diversify our market segments.”

    “Research companies and organisations are already sitting on a treasure trove of data, if only they could access it in a way that is easy to view and simple to interrogate”, said Mark Goldstone, Partner at Eckuity. “Sonrai incorporates data visualization and predictive analytics into workflows to accelerate organizational processes, improve performance and unlock corporate value. We are very excited about the impact that Sonrai will have on the market.”

    Source: Written from a press release

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