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  • Defining Diversity at PEAK6

    Written by PEAK6. 

    The Sync NI team speak with PEAK6 to discuss the different initiatives they have in place to promote diversity and inclusion within the company. 

    PEAK6 Investments (PEAK6) is built upon many crucial pillars that define and maintain its success across the corporation's international offices.  A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is paramount to driving new ideas and ensuring a company culture where all team members feel safe and encouraged to be their authentic selves. 

    The firm's efforts go beyond the walls of PEAK6 offices, however. It also has established initiatives to develop and nurture talent to help people from all walks of life and enhance the industry. This is a core part of its mission and of what defines PEAK6. 

    The DEI Council 

    To meet employee needs, PEAK6 feels strongly that corporations should turn to the employees themselves. That’s why it launched its DEI Council. 

    By its nature, the DEI Council will always be a work in progress. Made up of diverse voices across multiple PEAK6 businesses, the team meets regularly and consults with leaders on vital, impactful decisions. 

    “As DEI Council Vice Chair, I think it's important that we speak to each other, share experiences, and create safe spaces for people from all walks of life,” says Clark Litster, Talent Acquisition Specialist at PEAK6 NI. “We accept the challenge of committing to diversity and inclusion because we are truly passionate about it and because it's the right thing to do.” 

    Additionally, the council aims to not shy away from difficult conversations, so as to inspire a more productive and open work environment. 

    “If we can talk about race at work, then I’m pretty sure talking about business, however contentious the question or however divergent the opinions, is going to be easier,” says Sendhil Revuluri, Managing Director, Strategic Development at PEAK6, and a member of the DEI Council’s leadership team. 

    Resources and Opportunities for PEAK6 Employees 

    PEAK6 team members are encouraged to dedicate themselves to fostering growth and change in the workplace. The company established voluntary Employee Resource Groups based around ethnicity, gender, lifestyle, and interests. And the DEI Council General Assembly is open to all PEAK6 employees to provide feedback and suggestions to the council. 

    The most important thing employees can do, however, is to bring themselves authentically and completely to work each day. The PEAK6 team is composed of the brightest minds and most dedicated workers from all backgrounds. The more companies embrace that, the better results everyone can achieve. 

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