Microsoft makes remote work option permanent for staff

  • Microsoft has announced that it's keeping remote work as a permanent option for all staff who can work from home, following both Twitter and Facebook.

    Like most major tech firms, Microsoft gave staff the option to work from home when the coronavirus outbreak began. The tech sector has fared surprisingly well during the pandemic, with most firms quickly adapting to remote workflows and many stating that they have no plans to make staff return to the office on a full time basis.

    Microsoft has now joined the list of companies that will be making remote work a permanent option, following recent announcements of the same from both Facebook and Twitter. Certain roles will continue to be in-person as they can't be done remotely, such as those requiring access to specialised hardware.

    Several recent surveys have found that remote workers are actually more productive than they were in the office. In a recent twitter thread, FirstbaseHQ CEO Chris Herd went as far as to suggest that traditional company headquarters are a thing of the past. He expects companies to cut commercial office space by 40-60% going forward, and to have staff come into the office only 1-2 days per week.

    Chris highlighted that productivity in the firms he's spoken to has "gone through the roof" but pointed to new emerging problems such as increased burnout and work-related injuries caused by people not having adequate remote work setups in their homes. While time is saved with no commute, some firms are also finding that employees feel pressured to work outside normal hours.

    Source: BBC News, Twitter

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