BT Ireland trials 1.2Tbps internet connection in Dublin

  • BT Ireland has successfully trialled a new 1.2Tbps ethernet connection across the city of Dublin, with plans for commercial rollout to data centres in 2020.

    Back in July, BT Ireland made headlines when it achieved 400Gbps ethernet speeds on a single high-speed line between Dublin and Ireland using a new technique called probabilistic constellation shaping. This bandwidth would be equivalent to around 800 standard home fibre broadband lines, and was achieved over a distance of 1,454km.

    A new cross-city trial in Dublin has now clocked in speeds three times higher over a shorter distance, with a 1.2Tbps link across the city of Dublin over a single-port interface. The successful trial will lead to commercialisation of the technology by late 2020, when it's expected to be used in data centres and other businesses with extreme bandwidth requirements.

    The new technology will enable data centres and cloud infrastructure providers to service much larger numbers of customers with a single data port, allowing them to scale up capacity without redesigning their sites. It combines with recent advances such as Teriphic's new optical transducer that is capable of processing up to 1.6Tb per second with half the power consumption of current devices.

    Source: Silicon Republic

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